The Warren
2nd May - 2nd June 2019
Box Office: 01273 987516

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Eleanor Colville: Google Me

A Bang Tidy Production

The Warren: The Burrow  |  Comedy |  Age 12+

Event Tags: Multimedia, Sketch Show, Solo Show, Stand-up, Surreal

(No Performances)

Our internet searches reveal more about us than we like to admit. We search our fears, our crushes and our flu symptoms (self diagnosis; plague), but can you decipher a character just from what they Google? Join Eleanor Colville as she browses through browsers and searches histories for an hour of characters, sketches and some real dark-web material. As seen and heard on BBC Radio 4 Extra and BBC Three. "Undoubtedly a comic to keep an eye on. Catch her while you have the chance" (Broadway Baby).