The Warren
2nd May - 2nd June 2019
Box Office: 01273 987516

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Georgie Jones

The Warren: The Bunker  |  Theatre |  Age 14+

Event Tags: Storytelling, Solo Show, Spoken Word, Stand-up, New work

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How do I be a woman? How will I know if I've fallen in love? What shape should my eyebrows be? Can your virginity grow back? Can putting a tampon in kill you?! Set to a 90s pop and hip-hop soundtrack, 'ish...' revisits first times, second chances, push up bras and waxing disasters in order to figure out the things we thought we would have known by now. "Charming and touching, laced with warmth and hilarity at every turn" (LondonTheatre1) "A warm, witty and engaging monologue that genuinely connects with the audience" (The Reviews Hub)