The Warren
2nd May - 2nd June 2019
Box Office: 01273 987516

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Fright Wig: Essential Tremors

Fright Wig

The Warren: The Nest  |  Comedy |  Age 18+

Event Tags: Horror, Storytelling, Funny, Absurdist, New work

(No Performances)

Alan Bennett meets Hammer Horror. Fright Wig offer a slice of life carved with a rusty machete. A world where right-wing bloggers meet mythical ends, birds hatch from broken hearts and midnight ghouls feast on jogger's rumps. Where grisly revenge is enacted in crowded aquariums and mundane office blocks. Through a series of highly amusing monologues, sketches and grotesque performances, this trio of fearless horrornauts will take you by the hand and drag you laughing and screaming into the abyss, exploring the worst aspects of modern Britain on the way down.