The Warren
2nd May - 2nd June 2019
Box Office: 01273 987516

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Dougie: Can I be SERIOS ?? ?!

Bleeding Radiators

The Warren: The Burrow  |  Comedy

(No Performances)

Dougie brings his highly un-anticipated debut Edinburgh show to the Brighton Fringe. He has 3 jokes about Scotland which he found on the internet. Hopefully he'll find some other ways to run out the clock.

James Hartford combines elements of clowning, anti-comedy and charcuterie to birth characters in varying states of trauma and confusion that oftentimes have no business being anywhere near a stage.

“Hilarious, often painfully so." Broadway Baby
"Something of Dr. Brown's clownish unpredictability” Beyond the Joke
"A robotic voice with all the emotion of a vehicle reversing warning" Steve Bennett, Chortle

Finalist - Leicester Square Theatre Sketch Off 2019