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My Soulmate's Husband's Soulmate

Mudlarks Theatre 

The Warren site  |  The Warren: The Burrow  |  Theatre |  Age 14+

Event Tags: Satire, Comedy, Sci-Fi

(No Performances)

No one really believes in soulmates, do they? Johan didn't, until the historic day he, and most of the world's population, woke up knowing exactly where and how to find theirs. Erin and Adrian have been together for 8 years when Johan arrives on their doorstep. He is Erin's soulmate. Neither Adrian nor Erin know quite what to do with him. The 3 depart on a road trip to find Adrian's soulmate. The trouble is, he's not quite sure where to start. An upbeat, but bittersweet black comedy - compared by audiences to 'Black Mirror' - about fate, romance, empathy and the ways we think about love.