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Luke Rollason: This Too Shall Pass

Bright Buoy Productions 

The Warren site  |  The Warren: Theatre Box  |  Comedy |  Age 12+

Event Tags: Solo Show, Surreal, Physical, Mime, Absurdist, Clown

(No Performances)

A big-eyed, big-haired thing in a turtleneck expands your mind, giving you room for that conservatory you always fancied. It's rubber-limbed, elastic-faced physical comedy for popular people. Blink and you'll miss it, if you blink for an hour. "Gut-bustingly funny" **** (The List). "Amazingly entertaining" ***** (Ed Fest Mag). "Pure, unbridled, laugh-out-loud silliness" **** (Chortle). "Bizarre, original and ridiculously fun" **** (Voice Mag UK). "Lean into this weirdness. Resistance is futile" **** (The Wee Review). Otherplace/Balkan Award Winner 2019.