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Surfing the Holyland

Erin Hunter 

The Electric Arcade: The Pit  |  Theatre |  Age 12+

Event Tags: Solo Show, Comedy, Live Music, New Work, Physical, Feminist

(No Performances)

"Oh, we have sharks here...but they're not in the water." When a pushover from Ohio moves to Tel Aviv, how does she survive the mad Middle East? She learns to surf (slowly... like turtle-slow). Twelve characters, four comedy ukulele songs and one woman searching for her inner courage on a surfboard. From ½ of award-winning comedy duo Hunt the Vigan comes a classic fish-out-of-water tale which is 100% fiction (OK, 70% ...ish). With vibrant storytelling and sharp observational comedy, don't miss the show global audiences are raving about. "Funny and quirky and gorgeous!" (J Burton, Dash Arts)