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The Electric Arcade 

Beachside Seating  |  Nightlife


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Friday 16th Apr at 4:00pmFriday 16th Apr at 6:00pmFriday 16th Apr at 8:00pmFriday 16th Apr at 10:00pmSaturday 17th Apr at 4:00pmSaturday 17th Apr at 6:00pmSaturday 17th Apr at 8:00pmSaturday 17th Apr at 10:00pmSunday 18th Apr at 4:00pmSunday 18th Apr at 6:00pmSunday 18th Apr at 8:00pmSunday 18th Apr at 10:00pmMonday 19th Apr at 4:00pmMonday 19th Apr at 6:00pmMonday 19th Apr at 8:00pmMonday 19th Apr at 10:00pmTuesday 20th Apr at 4:00pmTuesday 20th Apr at 6:00pmTuesday 20th Apr at 8:00pmTuesday 20th Apr at 10:00pmWednesday 21st Apr at 4:00pmWednesday 21st Apr at 6:00pmWednesday 21st Apr at 8:00pmWednesday 21st Apr at 10:00pmThursday 22nd Apr at 4:00pmThursday 22nd Apr at 6:00pmThursday 22nd Apr at 8:00pmThursday 22nd Apr at 10:00pmFriday 23rd Apr at 4:00pmFriday 23rd Apr at 6:00pmFriday 23rd Apr at 8:00pmFriday 23rd Apr at 10:00pmSaturday 24th Apr at 4:00pmSaturday 24th Apr at 6:00pmSaturday 24th Apr at 8:00pmSaturday 24th Apr at 10:00pmSunday 25th Apr at 4:00pmSunday 25th Apr at 6:00pmSunday 25th Apr at 8:00pmSunday 25th Apr at 10:00pmMonday 26th Apr at 4:00pmMonday 26th Apr at 6:00pmMonday 26th Apr at 8:00pmMonday 26th Apr at 10:00pmTuesday 27th Apr at 4:00pmTuesday 27th Apr at 6:00pmTuesday 27th Apr at 8:00pmTuesday 27th Apr at 10:00pmWednesday 28th Apr at 4:00pmWednesday 28th Apr at 6:00pmWednesday 28th Apr at 8:00pmWednesday 28th Apr at 10:00pmThursday 29th Apr at 4:00pmThursday 29th Apr at 6:00pmThursday 29th Apr at 8:00pmThursday 29th Apr at 10:00pmFriday 30th Apr at 4:00pmFriday 30th Apr at 6:00pmFriday 30th Apr at 8:00pmFriday 30th Apr at 10:00pmSaturday 1st May at 4:00pmSaturday 1st May at 6:00pmSaturday 1st May at 8:00pmSaturday 1st May at 10:00pmSunday 2nd May at 4:00pmSunday 2nd May at 6:00pmSunday 2nd May at 8:00pmSunday 2nd May at 10:00pmMonday 3rd May at 4:00pmMonday 3rd May at 6:00pmMonday 3rd May at 8:00pmMonday 3rd May at 10:00pmTuesday 4th May at 4:00pmTuesday 4th May at 6:00pmTuesday 4th May at 8:00pmTuesday 4th May at 10:00pmWednesday 5th May at 4:00pmWednesday 5th May at 6:00pmWednesday 5th May at 8:00pmWednesday 5th May at 10:00pmThursday 6th May at 4:00pmThursday 6th May at 6:00pmThursday 6th May at 8:00pmThursday 6th May at 10:00pmFriday 7th May at 4:00pmFriday 7th May at 6:00pmFriday 7th May at 8:00pmFriday 7th May at 10:00pmSaturday 8th May at 4:00pmSaturday 8th May at 6:00pmSaturday 8th May at 8:00pmSaturday 8th May at 10:00pmSunday 9th May at 4:00pmSunday 9th May at 6:00pmSunday 9th May at 8:00pmSunday 9th May at 10:00pmMonday 10th May at 4:00pmMonday 10th May at 6:00pmMonday 10th May at 8:00pmMonday 10th May at 10:00pmTuesday 11th May at 4:00pmTuesday 11th May at 6:00pmTuesday 11th May at 8:00pmTuesday 11th May at 10:00pmWednesday 12th May at 4:00pmWednesday 12th May at 6:00pmWednesday 12th May at 8:00pmWednesday 12th May at 10:00pmThursday 13th May at 4:00pmThursday 13th May at 6:00pmThursday 13th May at 8:00pmThursday 13th May at 10:00pmFriday 14th May at 4:00pmFriday 14th May at 6:00pmFriday 14th May at 8:00pmFriday 14th May at 10:00pmSaturday 15th May at 4:00pmSaturday 15th May at 6:00pmSaturday 15th May at 8:00pmSaturday 15th May at 10:00pmSunday 16th May at 4:00pmSunday 16th May at 6:00pmSunday 16th May at 8:00pmSunday 16th May at 10:00pm

Reserve your table outside at the Electric Arcade. Enjoy your drink undercover on the beach, with views from the Palace Pier to the Marina!

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