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Leonard The Conkerer

Mark Allen 

The Electric Arcade  |  The Electric Arcade: The Pit  |  Literature and Spoken Word


(No Performances)

Autumn is Leonard's favourite time of year, because it heralds the start of conker season. And he absolutely bloody loves a game of conkers. However, when a new boy arrives and begins to cheat his way to the top of the conkers leaderboard at his school, somebody has to take a stand. And despite a long, distinguished history of cowardice, Leonard suddenly believes that somebody, is him. As he embarks on a plan to beat the bully at his own game, will Leonard manage to overcome the odds, preserve the integrity of the annual tournament and win the conkers crown? Or will he end up losing, before being paraded around the playground in a headlock, like all the others? Written and performed by award-winning comedian Mark Allen, this charming story crackles with wit, and will have audiences engrossed from the first fall of a conker, all the way through to the epic final showdown.

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