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Gerard Harris: Attention Seeker

That's Enough Drama 

The Warren: The Oil Shed  |  Comedy |  Age 18+

Event Tags: Storytelling, Spoken Word, Stand-Up

The shy, anxious joke-writer for a famous comedian accidentally crashes into the stand-up spotlight and decides to stay. Armed with blind panic, paralysing fear and jokes the comedian didn't buy, he sets out to prove who's really the funny one, and the rest, as they say, is history (except history's normally written by the winners). Experience the vicarious thrill of telling jokes on stage to 10s, 100s, even 1000s of people, then back to 10s - without the sleepless nights and crippling self-doubt in this regrettably true story of fragile egos, low impulse control and the best worst comedy gig of all time. Solo Comedy Award, Buxton '18 Best Solo Show, Nelson '16 "Incredibly smart and funny" ***** (Edmonton Journal) "Never less than riveting" **** (Bath Echo) "Beyond engaging into downright hypnosis. I loved every minute" (Art Murmurs) "Ronnie Corbett with Tourette's" (Signifying Nothing)

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