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Hold Me Close

Skin and Blister Theatre 

The Warren: The Oil Shed  |  Theatre |  Age 15+

Event Tags: New Work, Theatre

A wheel of fortune, karaoke and strongbow dark fruits - everything you need for a good show right? Well, add in a story of a female friendship that has an expiration date, a love letter to home and a sh*t tonne of cardboard and you have Skin and Blister Theatre's Hold Me Close. Hold Me Close is the farewell tour that Sophie and Jade are throwing for their friendship. Friends throughout their teenage years, they've grown together but now apart. Wanting different things from life, feeling differently about their class roots and differently about what home means to them. This is their chance to showcase their favourite parts of their friendship, from the dance they made when they were 12, to how they blagged their way into the press section of a premiere, to dealing with grief and loss. And *spoiler* you, the audience decide the order of the show!

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