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Chuck Salmon: Pool Noodles

Chuck Salmon Productions 

The Warren: The Oil Shed  |  Comedy |  Age 12+

Event Tags: Physical, Devised, Theatre, Surreal, New Work

Kenny Shallows has always dreamt of being a poolside lifeguard, but when he gets a place at the lifeguarding school of his dreams, he finds he is a small fish in a big pond - that is, until he hears about the lifeguarding elixir! In this hour of manic, narrative sketch comedy, Kenny must battle breaststroking bullies, ghost-filled golf courses, music-related misunderstandings, and a whole lot of water in order to become the greatest lifeguard the world has ever seen! It's crunch time for Kenny Shallows; sink or swim; dunk or get dunked; splish in or splash out Join tasty new troupe Chuck Salmon for a show that is "some of the best sketch comedy one can see" (The 730 Review *****) and "had the audience in stitches within seconds" (Varsity *****).

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