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Den of Enquiry

Gone to the Dogs Productions Ltd 

The Warren: The Oil Shed  |  Children and Young People |  Age 9+

Event Tags: Children & Youth, Educational

'Den of Enquiry' gets kids talking about democracy by having fun with rhythms and rhymes. So put your critical thinking cap on and join Miranda Duffy for a poetry whoosh. Is democracy more than just about voting? Come and find out! How can a limerick help us explore symbols of democracy? What have democratic values got to do with baking? And what exactly is a poem anyway? 'Den of Enquiry' is a UK Top 30 podcast (education) - free on all major podcasting platforms - and now we're on stage! Free teaching plans accompany each episode at (search RollickingPolitics). PhD research based. Rollicking Politics = confident questioning, critical thinking for kids.

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