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Edy Hurst's Comedy Version of Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of H.G. Well's Literary Version (Via Orson Welles' Radio Version) of 'The War of the Worlds'

Edy Hurst 

The Electric Arcade  |  The Electric Arcade: The Gaiety  |  Comedy


Edy Hurst, the mad cap lad of comedy, brings his greatest challenge to life. The pre-reboot-daptation that no one asked for, yet everyone needs. Bringing together all the budget and resources of a child's birthday party, this is the greatest (only) Comedy Musical Sci-fi story ever told. As seen on MTV UK, Radio 4 Extra ****. "Bursts with Comedic Joy" (The Skinny), "Funny. Quirky, Deep. Seamless" **** (The Lancashire Post).

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