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Do the Thing: Up To, But Not Exceeding, 10 Musicals

Do The Thing 

The Electric Arcade  |  The Electric Arcade: The Gaiety  |  Comedy


Firm Brighton favourites Do the Thing are back with a whole new concept in improvised musicals. Each show a number between one and ten is chosen at random via the audience and that will be how many full, full-on musicals are made up on the spot that night by an orchestra of one (Ian Scott) and a cast of two (Stellar Firma's Tim Meredith and Simon Plotkin). Could it be a single involved story, a high octane run of ten or something in the middle? No matter what expect Do the Thing's trademark catchy tunes and ludicrous characters. They are chaotic but polished, always on the verge of breaking down but come together in the end, consistently daft but sometimes intelligent. 'One of the best musical improv troupes on the circuit' - ****1/2 The Reviews Hub. 'Belly achingly funny... My only complaint is that it was too short' - The Voice Mag

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